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Spoilers for new readers.


Name: Ally

Age: 12

Ally is sharp, and notices things that would normally be missed. She tends to rely more on facts and information than intution when making decisions.


Name: Carly

Age: 13

Although Carly can be panicky, she is insightful. She can usually accurately describe the true motives behind the actions of others. She usually keeps these observations to herself, however, unless talking with Ally.

That closed-eyes grinning weirdo!!

freakin me out ok

Name: Inu Nakamura

Age: 14

Inu is always smiling, even when things are at their worst . . . literally. His smile hides his mysterious side, and he doesn't seem to like to talk about himself very much. He claims to be the local expert of fantasy and sci-fi, but there is little evidence of that actually being true...


Name: Kuro

Age: 14

Kuro is an acaruto from another world who transported himelf to Earth to seek help in a war. Not much is known about him other than that.

this one'll nibble ya


Name: Viktor Deathuar

Age: 172 (Older form seems to be 27; Younger form looks 17)

Deathuar is a vampire who lives by himself in a large mansion in a desolate area. (Older form) He seems pretty creepy, but he's actually quite mellow...... or maybe he's just really tired all the time. (Younger form) Viktor loves everybody and isn't afraid of showing his affection. He doesn't mind talking about his past and family, but he avoids talking about the details of when he was transformed into a vampire.

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